About Josephine Downen

When I was old enough to sit up, my first babysitter became the old gentle donkey in the barn. After that moment, my fate as an animal lover was sealed.

Raised on a farm, I grew up surrounded by animals and was always fascinated by how unique each animal’s personality was. Once I got into photography, it became my dream to capture each of their personalities.

I have a deep love for bearded dragons, and you will often see me with my orange scaly sidekick, Burnley, on my shoulder. He is one of my favorite subjects to photograph.

I adore every animal that I see, even the ones most people cringe at. Yes, I would be honored to meet and photograph your snake, tarantula, or whatever you have. Yes, I may also just take a moment to give your pet some quality snuggle time. Meeting new animals gives me a warm fuzzy feeling like nothing else does (even if the animal itself is neither warm nor fuzzy!)